TV Movie

Germany, 2009

Commissioned by First German Television – ARD Degeto

A witty and warm hearted romantic comedy about a lawyer removing a chaotic young woman from her flat. She is a compulsive hoarder who secretly lives amongst seemingly worthless things.

"Julia Koschitz ("Doctor's Diary") plays the probably most enchanting compulsive hoarder of the world in a exceptional Friday film in "The First" (German Television) which has an emotional depth that could compete with romantic Hollywood comedies." NORDSEE ZEITUNG (NORTH SEA JOURNAL)

Making-of "What You Set Your Heart Upon"
aka "Die kleinen Dinge des Lebens" "HIER KLICKEN" 00:11:24

Executive production: Krebs & Krappen FP
Director: Donald Kraemer
Screenplay: Volker Krappen, Donald Kraemer
Actors: Julia Koschitz, Oliver Mommsen, Doris Kunstmann, Peter Franke, Junis Noreick, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer
Shooting time: April to Juni 2008
Locations:Hamburg and surroundings
First broadcast:Das Erste, 12th June 2009, 20.15 p.m.

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