Half an Eternity

(Eine halbe Ewigkeit)

Germany, 2011

With a wink of an eye and a soft melancholy this is a story about the “teenage love” of two seventy year olds. They meet unexpectedly after a half a century without any contact and are then confronted with the conflicting emotions of past and present.

Festivals: Filmfest München 2011, Filmfestspiele Biberach 2011

Awards: nomination for the Bernd Burgemeister TV Award 2011, nomination of Cornelia Froboess as "Best Actress" for the Hessian TV Award 2011

Commissioned by First German Television – ARD Degeto

Executive production: Krebs & Krappen Film
Director: Matthias Tiefenbacher
Screenplay: Volker Krappen
Actors: Cornelia Froboess, Matthias Habich, Peter Franke, Lambert Hamel, Anna Maria Sturm, Ulrike Grote et al.
Shooting time: Juni - Juli 2010
Locations: Lüneburg und Umgebung
First broadcast: ARD, 30.03.2012, 20.15 Uhr