„Brandheißer Einsatz“ (working title) is underway

Nadja Becker and Katja Danowski star as an odd female firefighter couple in a new friday evening tv-movie series pilot commissioned by the First German Television ARD Degeto. Directed by Martin Busker and photographed by DOP Thomas Schinz with shooting in Hamburg's hinterland Merlin Sandmeyer, Fabien Tietjen, Christian Rudolf and Alina Hidic are also starring as core members of the local voluntary fire brigade squad. Furthermore brilliant part of the tv-movie series pilot's ensemble are Lina Wendel, Elmar Gutmann, Jan Hasenfuß, Leander Lichti et al.

World Premiere of „Mutter, Kutter, Kind“ at 2021 Filmfest Hamburg

Produced by Krebs & Krappen Film „Mutter, Kutter, Kind“ (formerly „Ein toller Fang“) is going to premiere on the big screen. The tragicomedy (starring Anneke Kim Sarnau, Zoe Moore, Jutta Wachowiak and young talent Lewe Wagner, directed by Matthias Tiefenbacher) will be the opening film on the tv section of the Filmfest Hamburg 2021: on Saturday 2nd October, 2021, 18:30, Cinemaxx 3. 

„A Wonderful Catch“ (WT) for the ARD

With shooting locations on the Baltic Sea and in Hamburg Anneke Kim Sarnau is currently playing a fisherwoman whose family is drifted apart and has to be kept together. Also starring Zoe Moore, Jutta Wachowiak and Lewe Wagner the tragicomedy is directed by Matthias Tiefenbacher and commissioned by the First German Television – ARD Degeto.

First broadcast of „Viele Kühe und ein schwarzes Schaf“ on January 17, 2020 on Das Erste

The comedy is going to premier on January 17, 2020, 20:15, on First German Television. Located in the North German province at the Lower Elbe, it is about an inveterate couple of country vets (played by Barbara Philipp and Matthias Brenner) who is trying to get their failed son (played by Oliver Konietzny) back home into the parental practice.

  • Krebs & Krappen Film

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    Eric Leimann, Weser-Kurier

    is an independent film producing company. We are devoted to developing and producing high quality commercial movies and are passionate about well made popular films for both cinema and television.

  • Claudia Krebs, producer

    is a graduate from Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg, and as a assistant director has taken part in numerous film and television productions. She is also a 2002 graduate of the EU's EAVE producer's training program and a member of The German Producers Alliance – Film & Television.

  • Volker Krappen, writer, producer

    is a graduate from Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg, and the University of Hamburg. He worked as a copywriter and a creative director in the advertising business. He has published children and youth books, and among others wrote the original script to "Lapislazuli – In the Eye of the Bear"