„Vadder, Kutter, Sohn“ at Norddeutsches Filmfest Rendsburg 2018

A home game in the far north: Krebs & Krappen’s comedy „Vadder, Kutter, Sohn“ with Axel Prahl and Jonas Nay (directed by Lars Jessen) is going to be screened at the 3rd Norddeutsches Filmfest Rendsburg – on Saturday 3rd March, 2018, 20:00, Kino Center Rendsburg.

TV Premiere of „Vadder, Kutter, Sohn“ on October 6th, 2017, at DAS ERSTE

„There you go – a 'Heimatfilm' without kitsch“ (TV-Spielfilm)

„Axel Prahl and Jonas Nay show how to bring complexity to lightness“ (

The first broadcast of „Vadder, Kutter, Sohn“ will be on Friday 6th october, 2017, 20:15, at First German Television – Das Erste. Directed by Lars Jessen Axel Prahl and Jonas Nay play a father-son duo in this small town comedy set on the North Sea Coast.

World Premiere OF „Vadder, Kutter, Sohn“ under the title „Regrettably kin“ at 2017 Filmfest München

„Vadder, Kutter, Sohn“ (aka „Regrettably kin“), produced by Krebs & Krappen Film is going to premiere at the Filmfest München 2017 in the section New German TV Movies: on Saturday 24th June, 2017, 17:30, Audimaxx (in the HFF). Directed by Lars Jessen Axel Prahl and Jonas Nay, both North Germans and musicians, deliver winning performances as the father-son duo in this shanty of a small town comedy.

Aylin Tezel honoured with the German Actors Award 2015

As best actress in a comedy role Aylin Tezel received the German Actors Award for her acting in „Kleine Schiffe“ (directed bei Matthias Steurer, produced by Krebs & Krappen Film). The 4th German Actors Award 2015 took place May 29th at the Zoo Palast in Berlin.

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  • Volker Krappen, writer, producer

    is a graduate from Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg, and the University of Hamburg. He worked as a copywriter and a creative director in the advertising business. He has published children and youth books, and among others wrote the original script to "Lapislazuli – In the Eye of the Bear"